“Nita edited my debut novel, All Hail the Queen. My advice for every writer in need of an editor: wait in line for her. Nita is worth the wait! I spent the last year reading mind-numbing critiques and endlessly revising until I was ready to toss it all into the bin. Then I discovered Nita of Nita Helping Hand? She lasered in on my problems, showed me where I needed revision, and offered insight. Nita is honest, timely, and responsible, and I highly recommend her services.” Stephanie Dargon Luce, author, https://amzn.to/2DApTkL.


“Nita, I want to say Thank You for all your help and hard work on my first book. It has been a pleasure working with you! You made this process effortless from the beginning. I truly appreciated your quick response to all my phone calls and emails. Your editing, format design and help on the cover turned my many pages into a masterpiece. I am so happy and impressed with the end result. When you were recommended to me, I had no idea what to expect. What I got was nothing less than perfect. I couldn’t have done it without you! I too am now recommending you to my friends. Thank you again for your kindness, many laughs and expertise!” – Robin Clark, author of Shhhh, Breathe – A Story of Unconditional Love

“DON’T PUBLISH without professional editing!!! If your book isn’t edited well, it won’t sell well. Rough books are unreadable, so editing is the single most important part of the publishing process. Nita was responsive, professional, friendly, and very capable. The end result speaks for itself!” – Mark Meincke, author of The Home Seller’s Bible

“Nita’s name was given to me by a friend who is a very successful author. Over the past few weeks I understood why. Nita has attention to detail and a great eye for seeing areas that need clarification. During the editing process I found myself responding repeatedly to her suggestions with a “Good call!” It only took a few minutes working with her to know I could trust her judgment. I am grateful for her incisive comments and thoroughness. Like my friend, I highly recommend Nita’s services!” – Dan R. Matthews, author of upcoming book Self Help Jesus

“It is said that behind every successful  person is a successful partner, and that may be true.  There is no doubt, however, that behind every great writer is a great editor.  Nita Robinson is such an editor. Each manuscript is the birth of a newborn. You do not have to have given birth to recognize the importance of placing your would-be infant in only the most capable of hands. For me, as a writer, there is only one hand I trust, and that is Nita Helping Hand? I demand quality, and Nita exceeds my demands.” – Lennox Cornwall, author of Embracing Failure: Your Key to Success (edited, of course, by Nita Robinson) www.LennoxCornwall.com & www.EmbracingFailureBook.com

“What a great honor to work with such a talented woman.  Thank you very much for going the extra mile!  You are one in a million!” – Juan Carlos Arzola, author of The Success Start www.JuanCarlosArzola.com

“I can say Nita is a great editor & so easy to work with!  On top of that, she has reasonable fees.”  – Cynthia Stafford, author of The Flood at Cam Lo Bridge

“I’d like to express my deepest gratitude and appreciation for all of your efforts. It was a pleasure working with you and I sincerely look forward to working with you again in the very near future… All the best to you and yours for the upcoming season!  With respect and admiration.” – Rick Henningsen, Author of ‘Being There’ Series

“I am very happy with what you have done!” – Judy O’Beirn, International Bestselling Author, President, Hasmark Services Corp, www.hasmarkpublishing.com.

“Nita is copied on this email. She is a fabulous editor.” – Peggy McColl, New York Times Best-Selling Author aka “The Bestseller Maker” www.Peggy.McColl.com

“I’m being mentored by Peggy McColl. When I mentioned I was looking for an editor for a Self-Help title, Peggy spat out your name without having to think about it.”

“It has been an absolutely wonderful experience having Nita edit my forthcoming book, ‘One Boy’s Struggle: A Memoir – Surviving Life with Undiagnosed ADD’… As I started writing my book, I was worried that my punctuation was not perfect — not even close… we decided we needed a professional to give my Memoir a thorough edit. We decided on Nita and we are very happy that we did! Nita went through the manuscript with a fine tooth comb and corrected all the punctuation and helped make certain areas were clearer to read. It has been a fabulous experience to work with Nita, she has always been positive, enthusiastic and just an absolute delight to hear from! Thank you Nita!” – Bryan L. Hutchinson, www.adderworld.com

“I’ve had the great pleasure of working with Nita Robinson for the last two years on websites, marketing pieces, and book designs and editing.  Nita is very professional, responsive to my emails and deadlines, and she is very fair in terms of her prices.  What more could you ask for in terms of a professional?  I highly recommend Nita Helping Hand? for your projects.” – Tom Hinton, www.TomHinton.com

“Nita did an excellent job proofreading and editing my program, ‘Power of Networking Secrets’. English is not my first language so writing is always a challenge for me. But I don’t want this to be an obstacle or an excuse for not having my own product, book or writing articles. Thanks to Nita, I have no more excuses and she always delivers a great job and a lot of suggestions to implement in my business.” – Biba Pedron www.theconnectionqueen.com 

“Thank you so much for the fast and professional service editing my papers. Looking forward to doing business with you in the future.” – Dr. Shunli Zhang, M.D., Pathologist, Kingston, RI

“Nita did an excellent job proofreading my articles. I feel much better about submitting my articles to article directories and publishers knowing they’ve been proofread. Errors can easily spoil an article without this professional help. Nita’s prices are extremely reasonable and she provided speedy service.” – Patricia Wagner www.a-to-z-wellness.com

“Ok Nita, here’s a new proof with (I believe) all of the revisions. You truly ARE one heck of a proofreader 🙂 Let me know if this looks good or needs anything else.” – Kyle Robertson, ARMS PRINTING

“I had the fortune to work with Nita for two plus years during a former business venture that I co-owned, as well as personally been acquainted with Nita for over twelve years. Nita has always demonstrated a high level of integrity, honesty, trust, and a work ethic which is second to none. Nita never seems to meet a stranger, as her persona intrigues others to want to meet her. Her energy level is well above normal, her desire to succeed is impeccable, and her competitive nature leaves no stones unturned. I trust Nita, her word is golden, and she will always put forth 110% effort with every endeavor that she undertakes.”  – Carl W. Garmon, President and Founder, GARMON CAPITAL MANAGEMENT, Sellersburg, IN

“Nita, you are one of the most talented people I’ve ever worked with!” – Jackie Mitchum Yockey, President, High Adventure Ministries www.highadventure.org

“If you are the lady that helped Jackie increase her ‘Facebook Likes’ – GREAT JOB!” – Jensine Bard, Executive Producer, Founder and Host TESTIMONY www.jensinebard.com

Hi Nita, I was just looking over some of the email correspondence you’ve had with the clients, from Julia to Brett, Jan, etc… and really appreciating your level of professionalism as well as your caring spirit. It really comes through and its so valuable. So I just wanted to let you know and say thanks!” – Derek Rydall, Coach, www.derekrydall.com

“During the time you supported my joint venture projects I was happy to rely on you to take care of the details. You always approached your work with a positive attitude and were a pleasure to work with. I know you have passion for your special interest areas of work and I’m sure you make a difference in many peoples’ lives. Thanks for all that you do!” – Anne Merkel, Energy Therapist Coach & The Corporate Alchemist

“I have had the pleasure of working with Nita Robinson-Ammon on a variety of production and media-related projects. I have been continually impressed by her proven ability to handle numerous tasks and details in a fast, efficient, and seemingly effortless manner. Coupled with her positive attitude and strong interpersonal skills, I believe she would be an effective representative for any company or organization.” – Vin Morreale, Professional Filmmaker

“I’m so happy to be working with you… very professional, friendly and willing to go the extra mile!! Thank you!!” – Marilynn DeLucca, Healing Hands Analyst, Chicago, IL

“When an important project that required immediate and successful results was given to me, Nita provided very responsive and accurate services that literally meant the success of my project! I found a new partner in the success of my career.” – John C. Allen, Vice President of Healthcare Accounts, PNC Bank, Louisville, KY

“I don’t usually write testimonials, however for Nita its a pleasure. We have worked together on a couple of my IM projects and her expertise, knowledge and attention to detail is second to none. You just can’t go wrong with anything she does for you; quality is what she is. Rest assured that whatever project you need, it will be done exactly how you want it. Don’t be shy about asking her for suggestions either as she will help you any way possible. I recommend Nita 100%.  You will be very happy with any project you need done. A true professional in every way.” – Al Garretson www.twittermanagerpro.com

“I am Constance Arnold, Host of the Think, Believe and Manifest Talk Show, on the Law of Attraction Radio network. I hired Nita as my virtual assistant and she was wonderful. She assisted me in sending out eblasts concerning my show, my coaching specials and always performed in a Spirit of Excellence. Even though she had a lot of clients, she always gave me that personal touch. I highly recommend her as she would be an asset to any business.” – Constance Arnold, Spiritual Success Coach www.fulfillingyourpurpose.com

“I hired Nita of Nita Helping Hand? to do some administrative work for my business. She did everything from call transcriptions to my newsletters. It was a pleasure having the work I requested on time and done exactly how I needed it. I highly recommend Nita as a trusted virtual assistant.” – Heather Picken, Professional Coach and Consultant www.HeatherPicken.com

“I just wanted to say that I am really going to miss you at Paramont 🙁 I really enjoyed having you as a boss and the many times we were able to talk. I am really going to miss you! I really appreciate your offer to help me through this… I’m sure I am going to need it. It is going to be impossible to be your replacement but I am going to do my best to learn the ropes. Thank you for being the best boss ever! Thank you for all of your help and support! 🙂 I wish you only the very best! :)” – Christina Ford, Clubhouse Manager, Paramont Estates, Prospect, KY

“Thanks, looks great. I will let you know of future work. It was a pleasure doing business with you.” – James, Zavist Media Co. www.everythingscary.com

“Hi Nita, I was just completing the reviews of some of last week´s articles and would like to say that your pregnancy articles were quite good, thanks.” – Antony, Article Broker

“Dear sweet Nita, I am so sorry to hear that you are leaving. You have been so wonderful to work with. Always smiling even if you didn’t want to, just dived right in to everything, always willing to go the extra mile. Whatever your plans I know you will make them a great success. Of course my best wishes to you no matter what you pursue. I will miss you terribly and do please keep in touch. You are one-in-a-million!” – Ginger Chapman, Attitude Promotions, Louisville, KY

“The resumes look great. The cover letter is great also. I am well pleased with your work. Let me know how much I owe you and an address to send the check. Thank you!” – Jeff Huff, Indiana

“You da bomb! Loved all your suggestions. Thank you so much.” – Tracy O’Brien, Adult Student, Louisville, KY

“Nita’s attributes go a lot further than the 3 they would allow me to use (LinkedIn). She is dependable, focused, pays great attention to detail. First class in any project she has done for me, an expert in making sure the job gets done on time and correctly. I have always been impressed with any task I have asked her to do and she made a few recommendations on a project that really put it over the top. On a scale of 1 to 10 with ten being the highest, Nita is a (10+) easily; her dedication, research and total expert ability puts her way ahead of anyone that has ever worked for me.” – Al Garretson


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